If you blocked the site at work
So a person is arranged that the productivity of his activity is directly related to how often he rests, how much time he devotes to relaxation. Any office employee during…

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Internet audience. Pros and cons
In this article I will try to tell you what fundamental differences can be between an ordinary audience and an online audience, and how this can affect conversion in its…

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But what if the DropBox features are lacking?
DropBox is one of the most famous and popular services for creating your own data warehouse in the Internet space. It is very convenient to have such an “online flash…

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Surely everyone

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What is a firewall and why is it needed?

We will not go into little things like translating words, occupying them some part of the article. Just point out that a firewall (from the English – fire wall), or as it is also called brandmauer (with German – fire wall) in Russian has two names that display its purpose (inter) firewall. This is a screen that protects the user from influences coming from outside. When connecting to the Internet, having a firewall is not a luxury, and indeed such a risk is hardly justified, it will most likely lead to raking up a bunch of viruses, or even just to reinstall the system.

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SMM and SMO – looking for differences

Any more or less advanced Internet user has repeatedly come across terms such as SMO and SMM. The initiates can easily operate them, but most people have a somewhat vague concept of what SMO and SMM really are, and even more so what is the difference between them.

First, let’s decide that SMO and SMM are not the same thing. It can be said that SMO is part of SMM, but these concepts should be separated in order to better understand all the information.

This is social media marketing, which consists in carrying out a complex of events on other people’s sites (forums, blogs, websites, chats, news resources, etc.) with the aim of promoting goods, services, advertising services and coverage of events.
SMM is not an open ad. This is a hidden, unobtrusive advertisement that attracts the target audience to the promoted product. Users should not understand that they are openly offered a product – they must themselves want to purchase / order a service due to the information provided. Continue reading

Online store and product search function

Today I decided to touch on the topic of the need and proper configuration of the function of searching for goods in the online store. According to statistics, every second user of the global Internet, at least once ordered this or that product in the online store.

If a person has visited the website of an online store, he may need a search to find the desired product. But an analysis of the current situation on a variety of online stores shows that very often a site search does not produce any results.
Very often this function is simply not configured as it should. The user enters a keyword, but not the search function in the online store finds the desired product. This is a problem for site developers who do not take into account the correct function of the Search function.

Sometimes it happens that the search function is simply missing. This is a very big minus, as it ultimately repels Continue reading

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Destination of proxies and NAT
A proxy server is designed to mediate between a workstation and a worldwide network. The proxy computer passes user requests through itself and then returns the results received from Inetrnet.…


VPN on L2TP technology
L2TP is a tunneling protocol used to create virtual networks. Its main advantage is the ability to create virtual networks not only over IP networks, but also in Frame Relay,…


Are there many differences between different navigation programs?
The market for navigation software is full of programs for various operating systems. It is believed that the versions of one program for different platforms are absolutely identical. But it…


Internet marketing
Internet marketing provides unique opportunities by providing communication with target audiences, as well as the ability to communicate with an international audience. Let's turn to the history. So until 1990,…