Internet fraud
A proverb says: "Forewarned - means armed." Not listening to her is stupid. Nowadays, the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in people's lives, and is of undoubted benefit.…

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We do an express analysis of our site and increase sales
High-quality and full-fledged work of the site for any owner is the key to the success of the resource’s popularity. It doesn’t matter what it is made for. Sales, services,…

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What should be a good selling site?
The topic for this post was born to me a long time ago, but after the next communication with one potential client, I decided not to postpone it anymore and…

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secure our most

Destination of proxies and NAT

A proxy server is designed to mediate between a workstation and a worldwide network.

The proxy computer passes user requests through itself and then returns the results received from Inetrnet. This is a kind of “trustee”, contributing to the simultaneous access of all machines on the local network to the Internet. At the same time, the administrator setting up the grid is relieved of the need to assign a separate IP address to each individual point, build a complex routing scheme, and contact the provider for an additional (usually paid) service.

In addition to unnecessary troubles and unjustified high cost with methods that, fortunately, are already a thing of the past, the level of data security in LAN is lost, making each computer a potential target for virus Continue reading

Cheating subscribers on Instagram is not effective

Why cheating subscribers on Instagram will not bring effect
When promoting a commercial account on the Instagram network, the question becomes extremely urgent for the user: how effective is the promotion of subscribers on Instagram? How can you evaluate the effectiveness of the used promotion methods?

A little about what Instagram is and how it works
Before you begin to consider the question of how, for what and in what ways Instagram is cheated, you need to understand basic concepts. The very first thing you need to clearly understand: how to use Continue reading

Internet audience. Pros and cons

In this article I will try to tell you what fundamental differences can be between an ordinary audience and an online audience, and how this can affect conversion in its broadest sense.

Any manufacturer or seller of a product or service wants to know about its products. He also wants society to respect and value not only its products, but also the brand itself as a source. Below I want to describe the differences in the features of working with a regular and online audience and introduce the reader to some important factors that affect the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Ordinary potential buyer. Minuses:
1) The speed of information. Any appeal needs to be printed, drawn, etc., and then placed or distributed somewhere, and this requires a lot of time, and, most likely, effort.
2) The speed of dissemination of information. If we do not take for example television and radio, then any printed information should find the reader. It will also take a lot of time. Continue reading

Children and social networks: how not to fall into the trap
What parents should do to protect their child in the virtual world No matter how parents try to limit the use of gadgets, universal informatization cannot be stopped: computers, tablets,…


VPN Basic Concepts and Classification
The term VPN (Eng. "Virtual Private Network") refers to a group of technologies that provide a network connection, or the so-called logical network, functioning on top of some other network,…


What is a mobile site useful for?
“Take away [the youth] the Internet - you will get a revolution,” - so recently said the popular Polish actor and director Jerzy Stuhr. According to the observations of Jerzy,…


Advanced CSS Hacks Collection
A hack is a method that allows CSS to be perceived only by a specific browser. Hacks can be used not only to fix bugs in the layout, but also…