E-Wallet Protection
When comparing the degree of protection of client programs of Yandex.Money and Webmoney payment systems, it turned out that the latter offers more reliable means of protecting client data. However,…

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Computer techologies
This article will focus on Computer Technologies (hereinafter simply referred to as CT) of the past, present, and future. But for starters, with your permission, I will make a small…

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The Internet. Network of things?
Have you heard anything about the Internet of things? I am sure that few people know about this concept. I also did not know until I accidentally heard a broadcast…

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creating passwords

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What should be a good selling site?

The topic for this post was born to me a long time ago, but after the next communication with one potential client, I decided not to postpone it anymore and write about what a good selling site should be. I am sure that those who work with clients in the field of website development have repeatedly encountered a common problem – the client’s desire to make their Internet project unlike any others.

On the one hand, this desire can be easily understood, everyone wants to stand out with something. So, when ordering the creation of a site, the client wants his resource to look unique, but if the contractor decides to implement all the requirements of such a client, the result can be very disastrous.

Usability. An important factor at the stage of creating a good site

When creating a site, it is extremely important to adhere to certain rules, listing them below: Continue reading

Internet audience. Pros and cons

In this article I will try to tell you what fundamental differences can be between an ordinary audience and an online audience, and how this can affect conversion in its broadest sense.

Any manufacturer or seller of a product or service wants to know about its products. He also wants society to respect and value not only its products, but also the brand itself as a source. Below I want to describe the differences in the features of working with a regular and online audience and introduce the reader to some important factors that affect the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Ordinary potential buyer. Minuses:
1) The speed of information. Any appeal needs to be printed, drawn, etc., and then placed or distributed somewhere, and this requires a lot of time, and, most likely, effort.
2) The speed of dissemination of information. If we do not take for example television and radio, then any printed information should find the reader. It will also take a lot of time. Continue reading

Practical Internet Marketing

When it comes to Internet marketing, many people have a mess in their heads from completely scattered concepts. Someone trying to talk about Internet marketing is actually talking about search engine promotion, someone means a niche infobusiness, someone contextual or banner advertising, and someone promotion on social networks. Today I want to clarify all the questions on this topic.

So, to begin with, we turn to the dictionary to determine the meaning of the word “marketing”. Continue reading

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Destination of proxies and NAT
A proxy server is designed to mediate between a workstation and a worldwide network. The proxy computer passes user requests through itself and then returns the results received from Inetrnet.…


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How to protect your password from hacking
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If you blocked the site at work
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