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We do an express analysis of our site and increase sales

High-quality and full-fledged work of the site for any owner is the key to the success of the resource’s popularity. It doesn’t matter what it is made for. Sales, services, information, media, social networks – the goal is always the same: to attract as many people as possible and make the site profitable. The effectiveness of your resource must be constantly improved.

I decided to tell how to do an express analysis of my site manually, without using any services. To understand what shortcomings need to be fixed, to increase the efficiency of its work, but most importantly, to increase profits, you need to analyze the site. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. True, in order to make the most in-depth analysis with the most complete information about the shortcomings of the work and eliminate them, it is better to trust the specialists. I also recommend that you read the article about Internet marketing.

The vast majority of sites sell something. It can be ordinary goods, services or any information. To analyze a site, as a rule, two options are used: simple and advanced. It all depends on how important the Internet business is for you and how deeply and widely you are trying to develop it on the Internet.

Get general site statistics

The main thing in any business is to have the most complete picture in terms of the number of regular customers and the total number of product buyers. Know which product is most popular and which is not. The same applies to online sales.

How many visitors visit the site, how many of them register, how many of them buy goods, which conversion and on which pages of the site visitors do not linger – the most important information, but how to get it? In fact, at this stage it is not so important how good your site is. It can be beautifully designed, but absolutely unprofitable, because visitors may never appear on your site and it will just become an expensive, but useless toy for you.

The first thing you need to find out during site analysis is to get statistics.

How to do it?
Each page of any site plays a role and has its own characteristics. Of course, first of all you need to check the statistics of the main page, and only then take on the rest.

Find out if you have a counter. This is done in the browser. We go to the usual menu: view, view HTML-code. There you need to look for the counter code. In the vast majority of cases, Google Analitycs or Yandex Metric is used for this. The counter is free and provides many options for setting up and uploading various analytical reports.

It is the counter code that allows you to find out the total number of visitors, buyers, certain preferences and conversion. Already at this stage, you can begin to take steps to eliminate the shortcomings.

For example, it happens that the conversion page is very low due to the fact that buyers do not want to fill out a registration form. They look at it, and then on the same page they can follow the link (clickable element) to another place on the site. In this case, you need to remove most of the links that can lead the user away from the registration page. And encourage the buyer to enter their name. For this, various technical methods are used, such as a flashing cursor in the input field and other methods are used.

If there is no counter code on the site, then this is an alarm call. This means that statistics are either not considered at all, or are considered by some of their internal means. Only very serious companies have such opportunities, and this is a difficult and time-consuming task.

In the case of small and medium-sized businesses, if there is no counter, then the site’s indicators are simply not taken into account. There is no information and it is quite likely that your resource is practically not working and you need to urgently change the situation.

There are different situations with the counter itself. For example, it is on the main page, but the registration form often appears on it, after filling in which, a transition to a separate product page occurs. She, in turn, has a completely different Internet address or, in other words, a domain zone. A meter can be installed on one site, but not on product pages.

As a result, only statistics on the main page are considered, but information on the purchase of goods and services is unknown. There is no counter installed. It is necessary to be prepared for such a situation, especially when other payment services are used that offer to use your code for the page for receiving payments. They need to either additionally install a counter, or it happens that such an opportunity is simply not there. In this case, you can direct the customer after the purchase, for example, to the thank you page. That is, create an additional final page.

With a deeper version, in the so-called advanced case, if there is a counter, one general statistic will not be enough. Find out if goals are set.

We do an express analysis of our site and increase sales
High-quality and full-fledged work of the site for any owner is the key to the success of the resource’s popularity. It doesn’t matter what it is made for. Sales, services,…


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