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Cheating subscribers on Instagram is not effective

Why cheating subscribers on Instagram will not bring effect
When promoting a commercial account on the Instagram network, the question becomes extremely urgent for the user: how effective is the promotion of subscribers on Instagram? How can you evaluate the effectiveness of the used promotion methods?

A little about what Instagram is and how it works
Before you begin to consider the question of how, for what and in what ways Instagram is cheated, you need to understand basic concepts. The very first thing you need to clearly understand: how to use instagram, why it has gained wide popularity and has become an integral part of the life of a huge number of its users.

Instagram (Instagram) is a social photoset, a foreign resource owned by Facebook since 2012. It is as if he combined a microblog and a social network. The basis here are photographs of users, to whom brief textual explanations are made by the account owners themselves. With the help of pictures, people share with all subscribers events from their lives, interests. Instagram can be used as a social network, as a personal photo archive and even as a special application for quick and easy image processing.

Easy to edit photos on Instagram

In order to become part of the social network Instagram, you must first install on your smartphone with support for the Android or iOS operating system a free application with the same name. After that, you can register and log in to this network, and then proceed directly to using the application. To share photos on Instagram, you can download ready-made photos from the phone’s memory, or you can take new ones using the built-in camera and immediately post them to your account. Before a picture is published, it is processed using special filters available in the application. This allows you to instantly get beautiful photos without having special knowledge of the software. So, everything is quite simple.

Other users can subscribe to accounts, leave notes about liked posts (put “likes”), comment on photos.

What can be useful to know your indicators on Instagram
When engaged in the commercial promotion of your account, using various means for this, including a method such as cheating on Instagram, you need to know about your performance indicators in this social network. This will be useful in order to:

To evaluate the effectiveness of their work on mass follow-up (wrapping up subscribers), contests, advertising, or rather, follow the dynamics of the effectiveness of these actions.
To assess the involvement of the audience on third-party public before placing advertisements on them.
To evaluate the effectiveness of competitors, which of their activities are the most effective, which subsequently will allow you to use the information received to your advantage.
This is precisely the benefit of evaluating your indicators on Instagram for those who want to successfully promote a project using an account on this network.

Key indicators Instagram and methods for evaluating the effectiveness
When promoting on Instagram, you need to measure the key indicators of your account daily and try to increase them.

Instagram Metrics (KPI):

Quantitative indicators:
new subscribers
CTR or subscription conversion is the average amount of performance for subscriptions. This metric refers to the number of users who follow you in response. It is calculated as follows: the number of subscribers in response to your subscriptions must be divided by the total number of your subscriptions. For example, you signed up for 900 users, and 300 people signed up in response to you. It looks like this: 300: 900×100 = 33%.
The degree of user engagement is ER (Engagement rate). This indicator allows you to track the activity of community members by their comments and “likes”. You can calculate it like this: the total number of “likes” and comments should be divided by the number of subscribers to a particular page. Thus, we get a percentage that allows us to analyze the degree of involvement. It looks as follows. For example, in the public were put 1,500 likes and 125 comments were left, and the total number of subscribers is 1,200 people. So, 1625 should be divided by 1200 and multiplied by 100%. So we get an indicator of 1.35%. You need to know it if you are selecting a platform for advertising or comparing competing accounts.

Why subscribers cheating is not effective
Some people have the opinion that the promotion of Instagram likes, as well as subscribers is the key to successful promotion. But this is only part of the truth.

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