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Assessment of the effectiveness of traffic from social networks

There are two important components to content marketing: your own content and its distribution channels. Not so long ago, e-commerce projects focused on only a few channels of traffic generation – PPC and SEO. Today it is obvious that social networks are capable of delivering very high-quality, and, importantly, conversion traffic.
To assess the measurement of the progressiveness of business development in a web environment, you just need to learn how to determine the degree of contribution of social media to the success level of content marketing companies.
So, how do you measure the success of content marketing?

Which visitor site is actually your client?

Getting started with social networks
Step 1 Selecting tools for collecting information
I recommend using at least 2 independent statistics collection systems:

Each of the systems is highly customizable and scalable for almost any customer task. There are also many niche systems for analyzing traffic from social networks, however, for a number of reasons (limited functionality, data collection techniques) they are recommended to be used only as auxiliary tools.

Step 2 We develop a methodology for structuring data
For convenience, all groups of metrics used for traffic analysis should be divided into 3 groups:

Regardless of whether you are an analyst or a customer, it is most convenient to interpret and analyze information structured in this way.

Step 3: Determine Key Performance Indicators
First you need to decide what exactly will be indicators of traffic efficiency for you. To do this, answer your simple question: why are you working with social networks? There can be (and should be) more than one answer. Then, in accordance with the list, make a list of tasks that you plan to solve with the help of smm and you will get what smart marketing books hide under the mysterious abbreviation kpi – that is, key performance indicators.

An example of a KPI might be the following list:
Repeated visits to the site (refers to the group of metrics “Behavior”)
Depth of view (refers to the “Behavior” metric group)
Orders / purchases / calls (refers to the group of metrics “Results”)
Increase in brand mentions (relates to the Behavior metric group)
Redistribution of content (a person comes to you from a social network and clicks the treasured button “Like” or “Tell Friends” (refers to the group of metrics “Behavior”)

Please note that dividing all the metrics into 3 groups (Behavior-Attraction-Results) – we attributed key performance indicators to only 2 of them (Behavior and Results). Yes, everything related to attracting – sources, channels, the number of visitors – all this is very important, but the fact of attracting a certain number of visitors from somewhere cannot serve as a sufficient criterion for our work efficiency and refers to KPI.

Step 4 configure output of statistics of visits from social networks
Naturally, not just customizable, but in accordance with certain KPIs. Hundreds of reports are available in each of the statistics collection systems (if not more), but are all of them useful for your business? Is it convenient every time among this hundreds to search for you? In order not to multiply entities without the need, in addition to installing the counter, you should think about setting up data output. This can be done directly in the interface of each of the systems.

Setting up custom reports does not require special knowledge and does not take so much time (but how much time it saves!). Reports on the site you are interested in can be displayed as widgets on the main page of the systems, existing standard reports can be segmented according to ready-made templates, or their output can be set in accordance with the specified rules, and you can create separate profiles for specific channels in Google Analytics (that is, in all reports there will be data ONLY on the channel you are interested in). Sea opportunities! Not to mention the fact that with the help of Google Analytics, the reports you need can be received by e-mail at a specified frequency, without even having to log into the system.

To do this yourself, you need to study the relevant sections of the Help Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics, or … do not forget to put this task to the one who runs your site.

Step 5 Chips. We recall the specifics of the traffic that we are going to analyze
It’s worth noting that Google Analytics has a very interesting report:

“Multichannel sequences.”

Often, visitors do not immediately take the desired action on the site: a person can first go to your site from the VKontakte group, then copy and send his address to his mail (yes, such exotic options are common), and after you bookmark it and only after a week, having well weighed and considered everything, sign up for a training or purchase a product. How do you like this?

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