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Increase in online store sales

What affects the conversion and what can increase the sales of an online store? Let’s look in detail. Many people believe that increasing site traffic is the main course of action for finding potential customers.

However, high page traffic is only part of the action that brings success. You can spend a lot of time on increasing traffic, but you can make these people potential customers only if you have an effective and convincing company to attract. It is such actions that will ultimately lead to an increase in sales of the online store, and therefore profit from the site.

Conversion to sales

Please note that this post is conceptual in nature. Here, practical actions for launching advertising campaigns on the network, as well as the technical nuances of working with an online store, will not be presented. But you will learn how to improve interaction with potential visitors, strengthen their confidence in your store and stimulate the acquisition of goods.

So, in order to increase store sales and make ordinary visitors customers, you should:

Create an effective call for purchase.
Improve your landing page.
Improve the cards of the goods offered.
Create an effective newsletter for the online store.
Optimize the store as a whole.

Buy Call Effectiveness – Important
1. Be very clear about your suggestions.

The visitor must clearly understand what exactly you sell and offer, so be specific. So, if you want to offer him a free gift or a certificate for a discount, then write “Get a FREE gift (certificate) such and such …”.

Today, many attract a loyal audience to the site, forming thematic communities. To do this, visitors are offered to view or download interesting and useful information. If you provide the opportunity to download free articles and a guide from your site, then write “Download a FREE article (guide) about that …”.

Do not forget to clearly articulate the benefits that an interested visitor will receive when downloading this information.

2. Correctly fix the buy button.

This button is a direct call to action and should be placed just above the scroll zone, i.e. the visitor should see it without using the scroll down. The analysis of the click map (thermal-visual) shows that only 40% of site visitors view information that is located below the scroll zone.

3. The general background of the online store should be shaded with contrasting colors.

Contrasting shades, when used correctly, help visitors to the online store to focus their attention on those elements of the site that you want to highlight. This is an additional call to action. For example, you should shade or highlight the button “buy” or “add to basket”.

4. The use of pictures that reflect the essence of the written text.

Images on the page simultaneously perform two main functions – they better convey the written information and attract the attention of even an casual visitor. The absence of a picture will minimize the chances of selling a product.

5. Each post on your blog can stimulate sales and make a profit.

Today, blogs are very popular. The ability to comfortably view them from all types of modern gadgets makes them very visited. You can create your own blog and, covering in it the main thematic events, place the most relevant offer within the interests of the online store. In this case, it is worth adding a button (link) to the main page for selling goods.

Improving Landing Pages
6. Simple and concise order form.

The questions posed in the form should be understandable to the user and gradually reveal the full information to your sales team, which is necessary for generating sales. Usually, for the initial cycle, the visitor’s name, address and email address are sufficient.

More information, such as a phone number or job title, may be requested to improve sales prospects. The main thing – do not ask visitors for more information than you need.

7. Effective and truthful headline.

The visitor, clicking on the title, should find exactly what was proposed in the page that opens. Otherwise, you will lose their trust, and, consequently, the likelihood of the sale of goods. The title should be clear and exclude the possibility of confusion. By the way, if you have not yet created your own landing page, then here you can read about how to create it.

8. The presence of images that illustrate your proposal.

To increase sales of the online store it is extremely important to use illustrations. The landing page is created specifically to show potential buyers what you are selling.

Even if you offer visitors a completely abstract product, you should create screenshots of the product and place these images on the page.

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