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What should be a good selling site?

The topic for this post was born to me a long time ago, but after the next communication with one potential client, I decided not to postpone it anymore and write about what a good selling site should be. I am sure that those who work with clients in the field of website development have repeatedly encountered a common problem – the client’s desire to make their Internet project unlike any others.

On the one hand, this desire can be easily understood, everyone wants to stand out with something. So, when ordering the creation of a site, the client wants his resource to look unique, but if the contractor decides to implement all the requirements of such a client, the result can be very disastrous.

Usability. An important factor at the stage of creating a good site

When creating a site, it is extremely important to adhere to certain rules, listing them below:

What is important to consider when creating a good selling site?
Convenience of navigation. All information should be structured. If the site has a top menu, then access to the most important articles should be simplified as much as possible, the number of clicks to the article should be minimized.

Reasonable number of menu items and links. Here you need to make a decision based on the topics and tasks of the site, but the excessive abundance of links, as a rule, confuses the visitor and prevents him from deciding to go where the owner of the resource needs.

Lack of excess graphics. Yes, the site should have graphics, but it should not be too much. Exceptions are acceptable here. For example, a page with someone’s portfolio can contain dozens of photos, but you should not forget that it is advisable to accompany each photo with alt meta tags, otherwise the search engine will only see that there are several files on the page with the jpg extension or something similar. During the integration of images on the site, the header is not taken into account.

The usability of the site is one of the important conditions for success. A simple and understandable structure of the resource for the visitor. Each article should be located in a specific section if the site has more than 20 pages and the visitor does not have access to them from the main page.

Before creating the perfect website, the customer must have a clear understanding of which page belongs to which section or subsection that belongs to the top section of the site. Landings are not taken into account, I’ll someday write more about this category of sites.

Download speed. Here you have to touch on the technical details. Ideally, both the customer and the contractor should have clarity not only about each graphic element of the site and photo, but also about each script that is called from the code when the site loads. This “meticulousness” is necessary and is one of the main conditions for the quick loading of the site. Without complete transparency about the technical side during site loading, its optimization will be impossible.

The ability of a site to sell. In the second paragraph of this list, I mentioned the need to direct visitors

Sales funnel – a simple scheme for increasing the conversion of a site site where the site owner needs it. Any selling Landing Page is based on this simple principle. To interest – to hold – to convince – to sell. Such a scheme is often called a funnel, and I agree with this, it actually looks like a funnel.

Gathering traffic from different sources, the main page (or the selling one) should ideally first interest and retain the visitor, then convince him that the site he really needs.

Organic visual performance of the site. Oddly enough this rule looks, but it can hardly be called otherwise. When evaluating a design, try to see which graphic elements attract attention in the first place. Maybe this is the site header or one of the menu items? Are you sure that this menu item is the most important, where should the visitor go?

Try to make sure that the most eye-catching is what you really need. Most often, the most striking graphic elements are links to promotions, to selling pages, or to the most important sections. If your site has already been operational for a long time, conduct a thorough usability audit, the Yandex Webvisor service is perfect for this. Someday I will write in detail about the features of this service.

From personal experience in creating and promoting
How a customer can spoil the result of your work After a year of working on a client’s project to promote his resource, and increase traffic to the site and, accordingly, sales, the client has a desire to make a complete rebranding of the company. There was nothing wrong with this, but my client mistakenly suggested that a complete rebranding of a company should entail a complete change in the design of its website.

For those who have been creating and promoting websites for several years, it’s no secret that global changes in the design of a site cannot but affect its position, the search engine ranking algorithms are closed and therefore the seo optimizer can always rely only on its personal experience.

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