Computer techologies
This article will focus on Computer Technologies (hereinafter simply referred to as CT) of the past, present, and future. But for starters, with your permission, I will make a small…

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Have you already checked in? Mastering Foursquare Social Network
Today's leaders in the market of Internet idleness products are intertwined with each other very tightly, notifications and records are scattered across all social networks in a few minutes and…

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Online store and product search function
Today I decided to touch on the topic of the need and proper configuration of the function of searching for goods in the online store. According to statistics, every second…

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Marketing and promotion of medical services

Today I want to tell you about our personal experience in promoting medical services, and specifically with one of the drug treatment clinics in St. Petersburg. To begin with, about six months ago, the owner of the clinic turned to us with a request to help them sell their services.

So. Based on the axiom that the goal of any site is to sell anything, a product, service or information, it can be assumed that the main product of the clinic is medical services. We started the calculation of the strategy for working with this client with several most important steps.

Healthcare marketing and promotion steps:
Familiarization with the list of clinic services
A wide selection of search queries based on the subject of the proposal
Calculation of the amount of popularity of search queries related to clinic services
Select the most popular and relevant searches
Calculation of the gender and age of the average visitor (This will seem superfluous, but in the struggle for maximum conversion, all factors must be taken into account)
Writing a business plan for a client, taking into account the cost of creating a site and search promotion work

Now about the stages of the work itself:
Creation of a site taking into account all of the above factors
Internal work with hosting and with the technical components of the clinic website
Writing a relevant text, taking into account semantics, both from the position of search promotion and from the position of the marketing component (selling texts, increasing loyalty, motivational components)
Start Search Engine Promotion
The task of my text is not so much a detailed description of all stages of work, but a story about how a different approach is needed in promoting a particular business on the Internet. I will be consistent.

So, after a short time, the site is working, relevant traffic is coming to the site from the search. After a month from the start of work, traffic is about 100 unique visitors per day, after 2 months – more than 200, after 3 months – about 400 unique visitors per day. According to the conditions of our work, the call center sends us a daily report on the number of calls and customers who bought services.

What is our conversion? Let me remind you, conversion is the ratio of the number of customers to the number of unique website visitors per day, now this explanation is enough. Specifically, out of 100 visitors, we observe 20 calls and 10 real customers per day. And this is an excellent result, given that the average conversion of a site to a medical institution is 1-2%, but we have almost 10%.

The concept of conversion is one of the most important concepts on the Internet. A huge number of factors affect conversion.

The subtleties of internet marketing
Naturally, in each particular case, the factors affecting the conversion are very different. For example, on an entertainment site, the main theme of which is, for example, the presence of funny photos and jokes, the conversion can suffer greatly from the presence of huge pieces of uninteresting text that is not hidden under the cat.

On the website of the scientific center, conversion, on the contrary, may suffer from some rash statement that directly undermines the image of the organization. That is, in another language, each site must speak the language of its visitor.

Professionalism is based on knowledge and experience, and experience without errors does not happen. And now I will briefly talk about typical errors of sites of medical institutions:

Photos of a “happy family from the photobank” (Of course, we reasonably believe that any resource that provides services should have photos of people. This can be called a cliche, but it worked, works and will work). It is not so easy to find suitable photos in the photo stock in which people are more or less similar to Russians. Basically, photos from photo banks contain tanned people with a wide smile and dazzling white teeth, which does not fit in with the image of a Russian person, unfortunately this is so. Be sure to pay close attention to who people remind you of photographs. Contact your friends and acquaintances, ask colleagues what they see when looking at these photos. Do such photos inspire confidence? Does it seem to the visitor that he was slipped on a blende?
Photo from photo stock
The font of the texts is not large enough (The font size is one of the main “diseases” of most resources. When taking into account the target audience, and in our case these are people of middle and old age, we took this into account initially. Do not force the visitor to strain his eyesight, simplify his task, and perhaps it will remain on your site.
Complex navigation on the site. When writing a technical task for any site, you need to be guided by a simple rule – the visitor needs to be “led”. Do not let him leave the page you need on the less significant page. If a customer reaches the page with your product or service, make him call.
I think that this can be finished. Although the article turned out to be short and I could not tell a lot, in any business you need to rely on knowledge and experience.

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