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Children and social networks: how not to fall into the trap

What parents should do to protect their child in the virtual world
No matter how parents try to limit the use of gadgets, universal informatization cannot be stopped: computers, tablets, smartphones, cloud storage and social networks, electronic diaries and contactless payment for purchases are what our children will certainly have to live with, and they need to learn this now. And so that the behavior on the Internet not only does not harm the child, and having fun he gets the necessary skills, parents should not forbid him to use the Internet, but direct the actions of their child.

“Today we cannot exclude the Internet from the life of a child, but we can apply our knowledge in order to secure our most naive children as much as possible and make the World Wide Web our ally,” said Vita Sosyura, an information security educator. – Hacking accounts, phishing (illegal access to personal data), cyberbullying, gambling, content of inappropriate content, viruses, dangerous acquaintances and spending parental money – all this can be threatened if the confident use of Internet resources along with the lack of the child’s life experience will be left to chance. ”
Learn to use antivirus
The first thing to do when a child has a gadget in his hands with access to the Internet is to install an antivirus and enable parental control in it. Moreover, this should not be done demonstratively, but by explaining to the child that a safe search is needed not to prevent him from seeing something, but to block access to sites that spread viruses. Therefore, with a safe search, the access of cybercriminals to their accounts in social networks and e-mail during the anti-virus operation will be blocked.

In order to motivate the child to monitor his own safety on the Internet himself, assign him to install antiviruses and monitor their update on all gadgets in the family. So, he will begin to feel his responsibility and need, therefore, he will not miss updates and will not want to remove programs blocking inappropriate content.

Help come up with passwords
Explain the rules for creating passwords to your child. Firstly, it must consist of at least nine characters. Secondly, in a combination of nine characters there should be large and small letters and numbers. Thirdly, the password needs to be changed every two to three months.

But so that the child does not forget the newly invented password, teach him how to accept affirmations. Let him encrypt some desire or installation, type it in Latin letters, and let the numbers contain in the password, let them replace similar letters. Spaces between words should be replaced with underscores. For example, instead of the letter “H” it puts 4, and instead of “O” – 0. A simple example is the phrase “I am the most beautiful!” in the form of a password it will look like this: Z_cfvfz_rhfcbdfz1_12 (where 1_12 is the next date the password was changed).

And one more rule: you can’t put the same passwords on e-mail and in all social networks, at least one symbol, but they must be different. Otherwise, breaking one page, the attacker will gain access to all the personal information of the child.

Always in touch: choose the right smartphone for your child

Tell us about the features of social networks.
Today it is social networks that carry the main danger for children, because it is there that it is easiest to meet with attackers under the guise of their peers. In addition, unwanted content on social networks is difficult to control.

And if your child has already expressed a desire to create his account in social networks, first of all, develop with him the rules for maintaining your page. Tell us that the Internet is a bottomless piggy bank, and what it will download today when it is 12 years old can be found when it turns 19, 29, and even 50 years old. Therefore, a thoughtless post, a bad photo or a rash comment in the future, it can ruin your reputation.

Be sure to discuss the rules for posting photos. Agree that he should not have his personal picture on the avatar. This is unsafe, because adults with dubious intentions may like the photo of the child, and he will begin to look for ways to cheat him.

To protect the child, tell him that any photos with geolocation or live broadcasts from the location should be prohibited. Geolocation can become a weapon in the hands of an attacker, because he will always know where exactly the child is.

It is also not worth publishing photos from a children’s room or places with a designation of addresses: for example, near a plate with the address of the house and the signature “I am walking near the house.”

A photo in your room can also be dangerous. Do not forget that pedophiles are good psychologists, and a child’s room displays his inner world, shows interests and weaknesses. Therefore, for example, if an attacker sees that in the girl’s room the photographs of kittens or the boy’s pictures are various designers, then he will already know how to interest the child.

Children and social networks: how not to fall into the trap
What parents should do to protect their child in the virtual world No matter how parents try to limit the use of gadgets, universal informatization cannot be stopped: computers, tablets,…


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