What is conversion and how to correctly calculate it?
Conversion is an important concept in marketing. It gives an assessment of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, displays the number of visitors who completed the targeted action on the…

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8 misconceptions about landing pages

A landing page or landing page is a special internet marketing tool. He often has high hopes for lead generation and increased sales. But is it justified? Consider the most common misconceptions associated with the work of the “landing page”.

Below we look at the most common misconceptions about landings in a numbered list.

1. Beautiful layout guarantees sales

Of course, a beautiful cover can attract a potential customer, and the content itself may be correct, and the landing page can correspond to all fashion trends. But this may not be enough.

Imagine that a landing is a virtual sales manager, perfectly coping with his tasks. In order to convince the client to perform a certain action, he, having special abilities and skills, tells you absolutely everything about your business and the product that you simply need.
So, “clone” the landing page of the most effective speech modules of the best manager, translate them into content blocks – and see the result!

2. “Real” reviews from “real” people can be replaced by fictional

For landing pages, reviews are considered almost none of the main elements. Of course, you can invent them yourself, but people are able to distinguish fake from the present. And if they realize that they are being deceived, this is a failure for the company’s reputation.
We offer a way out: if there are no real reviews, replace this block with something else. Think what it might be. You may be able to come up with something special.

Landing Page Misconceptions

3. Landing suits everyone

Landing page is not suitable if you offer a large number of services and goods. In this case, she can only openly scare away a potential client. The task of your website is to promote the formation of the brand, to educate and increase the level of customer loyalty. One page will not be enough to display all the components of the proposal. Total: one landing page should contain one sentence.

4. If the landing page works fine for competitors, then it will work just as well for you

In an effective landing, there is always an offer (a proposal that is competently built) and a persuasion system. Templates can be used in this regard, but will they be effective? No, because they have become boring to everyone.

So, you should come up with something original and unfinished. When building your offer, answer the following questions:

Why is your product needed by the buyer?
Why you need to get it from you?
How is your offer different from your competitors?
Answers will help form the basis of an effective belief concept.

5. The previous landing page did not bring money, so all this does not work

No need to despair. If previously it didn’t work out as you wanted, this is not a reason to refuse further work with the landing page.

Before forever abandoning the landing page, figure out why the failure came out. At a minimum, you can do this audit:

Count the number of calls using the Call Tracking service.
Count the number of leads by channel (necessary to determine cost and conversion).
Count applications. Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica will help to cope with this.
Assess the adequacy of layout and structure.
These actions will help you understand which channels are profitable and which are not, as well as get rid of inefficient investments.

6. The success of the page depends on the length of the page.

The length may depend only on the complexity of the service provided and the need to tell the potential customer in detail about it.
Not every client will want to get acquainted with a lot of information. He can spend time only on what really interests him. Therefore, it is important to develop criteria that force decision-making by the target audience. Typical objections are also taken into account.

7. Enough to add links to social networks in order to attendance soared

If the visitor liked the product, he will buy it and is unlikely to share this information with others on his personal page on social networks.

misconceptions about landing page

8. Landing is a universal means of solving problems related to sales

This is only possible if:

There is a need to attract leads contacts who could leave their data on the page.
Goods are sold at a loyal price.
You offer a complex service and there is a desire to encourage the client to feedback.
Landing is not a universal means of achieving goals. But with the right approach, he effectively plays into the hands.

What is conversion and how to correctly calculate it?
Conversion is an important concept in marketing. It gives an assessment of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, displays the number of visitors who completed the targeted action on the…


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