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Windows undocumented features

In this article I want to talk about some of the undocumented and hidden features of Windows. And also some windows secrets, windows descriptions and windows tricks.

1.) To warm up, we’ll make it more convenient to send, which appears when you right-click on the file. Open Windows, then the Send to folder. As you can see, there are shortcuts here that serve as senders. Create your own shortcuts to your folders there. Done!
2.) It is very inconvenient to edit text files in Windows with extensions like Bat, Sys, Dll. Knowing tip 1 (see above), create a shortcut in the Send to folder to notepad (it lies in the Windows directory). All! Now any file can be edited using notepad

3.) Now look at the keyboard, pay attention to the key with “windows” (let’s call it Win). Click on it, the “Main Menu” will open, which corresponds to clicking the “Start” button. This is known to everyone, but not many people use combinations of this key with others:

Win + M, Win + D – Minimize all open windows
Win + Shift + M – Cancels collapse
Win + E – Opens Explorer
Win + Pause / Break – Opens the Property: System window
Win + F – File Search Window
Win + R – Run Window
Win + Tab – In a special way switches tasks
Win + F1 – Calls up Windows Help
4.) A lot of convenient features in the work is represented by the “Shift” key. If you hold down “Shift” when deleting a file, the file will be deleted without moving to the trash. To “quickly” restart Windows, that is, without restarting the BIOS, you should hold down “Shift” while selecting the “Restart Computer – Yes” command. Pressing “Shift” during the “Windows” boot will cancel the launch of programs from the “Startup” menu, and if you press “Shift” and insert a CD for which autorun is provided (“autorun”), it will be canceled. When you want to open a file using another program, click on the file with the left mouse button, then while holding “Shift”, right-click. In addition to the standard “Open” command of the context menu, the “Open with …” command will appear, selecting it, specify the required application.

5.) Have you seen how in the “Main Menu” (“Start” button) the necessary commands and programs are selected from the drop-down cascading menus? It is convenient and fast … But, when we select, for example, “Control Panel”, a new folder window opens (such folders are called “special folders”) in which you can already select the desired item. Inconveniently. Open the X: “Windows” directory, then the “Main Menu” folder. We create a new folder here, enter the following in the folder name: “Control Panel. {21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}” and press “Enter”. Click the “Start” button – a new item “Control Panel” has appeared here, in which all sub-items of this special folder “drop out”. Conveniently? You can do the same for the Remote Network Access folder. We go into the folder “Windows – Main Menu – Accessories” and create a new folder with the name: “Remote access to the network. {992CFFA0-F557-101A-88EC-00DD010CCC48}”, after removing the “Remote access to the network” shortcut. Now you can select the desired connection or create a new one directly from the “Main Menu”. You can also display the menu item for “Recycle Bin”. Create a folder in the “Main Menu” folder with the name “Trash. {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}”, after which you can view the contents of the “Trash” directly from the “Main Menu”, and when you select any subitem, the properties of the remote file (to be honest, the “Trash” item does not always work correctly). Those who use “Internet Explorer” will be interested in creating the “History” menu, the name for the folder is “History. {FF393560-C3A7-11CF-BFF4-444553540000}” and go from the “Main Menu” to the Internet links that were used earlier . To create a menu for the Printers folder, you should use the name of the new folder – Printers. {2227A280-3AEA-1069-A2DE-08002B30309D}. (It should be noted that instead of the word “Printers” you can use any other, as long as the rest of the name following the dot is correct. This is true for all special folders. It is important that there are no spaces near the dot. Quotation marks, of course, do not need to be entered in the folder names).

6.) Shortcuts can be made for many Windows commands. It is very simple to do this: in the context menu, select Create> Shortcut and specify the necessary command line.

7.) When dragging a file, hold the left mouse button instead of the left one. Then a context menu will appear where you can choose: copy the file, transfer, create a shortcut or cancel.

8.) Many games and various multimedia programs quite often require certain parameters to be set in the screen properties. You can create a shortcut on the “Desktop” with the following command line: “CONTROL.EXE desk.cpl ,, 3”.

Desk.cpl indicates the function to call the Control Panel. For example, appwiz.cpl will open the “Add or Remove Programs” window, and the number next after two commas is the number of the desired tab, starting from zero!

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