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Internet cheating

money Surely everyone who is not the first day on the network, faced with various types of swindle. They ask to send money, download something or go to some link. If you avoided this, then sooner or later you will surely come across this.
At the same time, everything is sold and bought on the Internet, various programs are downloaded, websites are visited, people are friends and trusts, so you cannot treat everything with distrust and suspicion. You just need to be alert and distinguish lies from truth.

In this article I would like to talk in detail about the various methods of cheating, so that you do not even think when you meet a crook.
There is a general rule: “free cheese only in a mousetrap,” so if you are asked for something in advance, and then the mountains of gold are promised, then this is a hoax. But the deceivers are becoming more inventive and so can convince that many give in.

The pyramids.

Here you are asked to send money to wallets, do some operations, etc. They tell stories of how you can earn $ 1,000 – $ 10,000 per month. I won’t even describe it in detail here – the scam, the real one. Never send anything anywhere.
Another type of pyramid is referral system. You register on the site, get a link, and then the more visitors visit it, the more you will receive. Something like this, there are many options, for example, you can still view ads, etc.
Most likely, this is a hoax, you just create free advertising for the one who invented this system. But it could be otherwise.
The first thing you should pay attention to is payments. If you can get the earned amount by collecting at least $ 50-100, then I would not even try (it is very likely that they will not give you anything later). If you can shoot as much as you like, for example, $ 1 you can take a chance. If they deceive you, you will not suffer much. It is one thing if they deceived for $ 50-100 or for a week of work, another thing if for $ 1 or an hour or two of work.
The second thing to know is the solvency of this system. This is quite difficult, because On the Internet you will meet crowds of happy owners of thousands of dollars who have become almost millionaires using this referral system. Therefore, you should always look not for the pros, but the cons. If scolded, then there is a reason.

Affiliate programs work on the same system. You are placing ads on your site, and the more people come in, the more you will have. Here it is worth paying attention, as in the case of referral systems. But here the offices are more serious, so point 1 can be skipped. Google, KM, or another major site is unlikely to fool you.

Online casino.

People make bets, people win. But think for yourself, how can you trust money to a robot? A program can manipulate numbers as you like. And you want it, of course, not for you. Maybe there are honest casinos, but I doubt it. If you are a gambler, play better at the bookmakers. If you bet Spartak on victory, he will not play otherwise, no matter how much you bet. And in case of victory, you will receive money.
Bookmakers are not so few. Look, choose the one that suits you best. But do not forget to clarify the seriousness of the office. This includes payments, offices in Russia (the more the better), as well as player reviews. But still, don’t start in large amounts.

For those who already play with bookmakers. Not so long ago I met this. A man appears to be an office worker and knows some secrets. That is, he, as a specialist and a betting worker, knows the outcome of a particular match, and tells him to you, and you will give him% of the winnings. It seems there is no deception, you do not lose anything, just share a small fraction of the gain. But! Anyone can be this worker. 10 year old boy from the bulldozer will come up with the outcome of the match and tell you. If you guessed it, you, in the hope of future advice, share it, but did not guess it, you did not guess it.

There is also a lot of bad things. Spam by itself, probably already tired of everything.
But a letter from a large site or friend may interest you.
Upon receipt of the letter, do not pay attention to the sender. It can be anyone. You can send a letter from anyone where any mail will be in the From field. Therefore, if you “won a prize” from a large company or website and you are asked to pay somewhere to receive it, then this is a hoax. If you received an unknown file from a friend, then do not open it either.

Payment for goods or services.

I use only WebMoney, I can’t write about others. When transferring money (if you pay in advance), be sure to look at the certificate, the date of registration in the system and at BL (business level), as well as claims. If there is no certificate, BL = 0 and the registration date is recent, then you can doubt it. There is no guarantee that a person will take the money and give nothing in return. And then just change the WMID.

Suspicion can also cause a great cheapness of a product or service. The fact that you saw the goods in the store does not mean anything. You can build your website or store in a couple of hours or place the product on a foreign site.

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